Download A,B,C,D,E format for Fee Approval Proposal for Health Science Courses

Download A,B,C,D,E format for Fee Approval Proposal for Higher and Technical Education Courses

Circular No. 1 - in respect of queries from the Institutes regarding inclusing of the students covered under TFWS categories

Circular No. 2 - for the Institutes/Colleges started during the Academic Year 2016-17.

1. After login, go to left side link 'Update Information'. Fill in the Checklist, Form A,B,C,D,E accurately. You can edit, update information before confirmation.

2. Then Click on 'Attach Files'. Upload pdf copy of documents as applicable for your course.

3. There is a 'Confirm' link after 'Attach files'. Please confirm only if all your information is correct. Once Confirmed, Institute will not able to update or edit any information.

4. Institute can get print only after confirmation. The print-out to be signed by Person duly authorised in terms of section 2 (l) of the Act with institute stamp & to be submitted to FEES REGULATING AUTHORITY along with the documents mentioned in the checklist in the print.

5. You need to add all available courses in your institute that comes under FEES REGULATING AUTHORITY - 2016-17 & 2017-18.